Amazing Features

Multifunctional super trading terminal

Simultaneous Trading

After binding a real account, the transactions are fully synchronized and support thousands of traders. At the same time, your strategy will be ranked according to the results, and you will get additional benefits when you are customized

Mandatory risk control

Multi-dimensional risk control rules, overcome human weaknesses, correct trading habits, and let you worry-free trading.

Strategy customization

When you find a favorite master, you only need one-click customization to further expand your income.

IOS 安装教程

由于IOS 商店的软件审核限制,您需要登陆美版商店,安装苹果客户端

  • 1.点击App Store
  • 2.登陆账号:app@ifxdo.com密码:IFXdo6688
  • 3.搜索智汇IFX点击下载
  • 4.安装
  • 5.安装完成后,请及时退出账号