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IFX.do is headquartered in Singapore and conducts legal trading competitions and strategy-related business strictly in accordance with the regulations of the monetary authority of Singapore. IFX.do has abandoned the way of using brokers’ accounts for trading competition just like the traditional community did and independently developed an online trading competition system with strict risk control, which makes use of the distributed bookkeeping method of block chain to save the performance of all traders to ensure that the trading competition process is real, objective and effective. Also,one-click strategy-following system of IFX.do allow investors copy the superior competitors’ strategies to their real accounts for account appreciation.

Founder of the Original Intention

The founding team of IFX.do is composed of a group of people with many years of financial transactions and community operation experience. In order to meet the deep needs of the investors from the secondary market of financial derivatives, we started IFX.do which provides services of investment strategy, industry communication and professional knowledge learning. Our purpose is to guide traders properly and protect investors through ecosystem chemistry within the industry, during which we can realize our own commercial value and develop AI products based on the accumulated big data to realize the concept of intelligent finance of IFX.do.

Web Structure

The core function of IFX.do is trading competition + one-click strategy-following. The risk control system embedded in the website trading system can select out high-quality traders to the greatest extent and effectively protect the account of investors who follow the strategy.

Corporate Culture

Nothing but just seek win-win.

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