Node Fission Plan

Since the advent of, our unique model and high-quality trading signals have been unanimously affirmed by the vast number of online traders.
In order to make more users in the online trading industry share and win-win with this super project, we have now launched Node Fission Plan.

1.How to calculate the income of one node?

(1) For direct customer A, your income = the amount of direct customer A's consumption x your grade Commission standard.
(2) For Indirect Customer B (the next level customer of Direct Customer A), your income = the consumption of Indirect Customer B x (your rating standard-A rating standard); if A is not a node, then A's rating standard is 0.
(3) Customer consumption includes IFX subscription consumption, shopping mall props consumption.


If you are Super Node S1, your direct customer A subscribes to others or purchases props, total 1000 IFXs, you can get 180 IFXs(1000 x 18%=180 IFXs.) according to your level.
If your direct customer A is a ordinary node L1 with a commission standard of 6%. Now the direct customer B of A consumes 2000 IFXs on the website, then A can get 2000 x 6%=120 IFXs, and you can get 2000 x (18%-6%)=240 IFXs.
If your direct customer A is not a node, then A cannot get the Consumer Commission of B. You can get 2000 x (18% - 0%) = 360 IFXs.

2.How to determine the level and commission standard of nodes?

All users under each node(including users, users of users... That is to say, the total amount of IFXs consumed by all fission users under the node is N, then the table for the Commission of the node are as follows:

Ordinary Nodes:

Grade Contribution Profits
L1 N≤30,000 6%
L2 30,000<N≤1 million IFXS 10%
L3 1 million<N≤3 million IFXS 12%
L4 3 million<N≤5 million IFXS 14%
L5 5 million<N≤8 million IFXS 16%
L6 8 million<N≤12 million IFXS 18%
L7 N>12 million IFXS 20%

Super Nodes:

Grade Contribution Profits
S1 N≤12 million IFXS 18%
S2 N>12 million IFXS 20%

3.Will the superiors and subordinates of node revenue hinder each other's development?

Each node receives a commission of direct customer consumption according to its own level of commission standard, and gets a commission of the difference between the next level of direct customer (indirect customer).Generally speaking, the higher level node will also raise its level accordingly when the lower level node raises its level because the fission customer consumption enlarged at the same time.
When the lower node and the higher are on the same level, the difference of the grade commission standard is 0, so the higher node can not enjoy the benefits of indirect customers brought by the direct customer node, but because of the improvement of the grade, he/she can improve the commission from other direct customers and indirect customers.


If you are a node, the direct customer A under your name is also a node. If the total customer consumption under A's name rises, the total customer consumption under your name will also rise. At some stage, the grade of A may be the same as yours. In this way, you can't get commission from the direct customer under A, but because the grade of commission is raised, you can get more commission from the direct customer B, C, D... and their customers.

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