Since the launch on Nov.01, 2018, IFX.do has been unanimously recognized by the vast number of online traders. The aim of IFX.do is to build the best online trading competitive community and provide a broader career path for online trading enthusiasts and practitioners.In accordance with this purpose, IFX.do has contacted many funds and asset management companies in Singapore, mainland China and Hong Kong, and now we launched 10,000,000 USD REWARD SELECTION PLAN 2.0 !

Winner List

用户名 类型 奖励时间 奖励实盘(美元) 实盘账号 实时净值 收益率 账户盈利(美元)



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Trade Regulation

The trading rules are consistent with The Rules of the IFX competitive system .


A real account will be awarded if any of the following conditions are met:

(1) Rank among the top three of the monthly list, according to your corresponding grades can be awarded. For example, the first winner of the monthly list is website LV2, which can get a real reward of $2000; the second one of the monthly list is website LV3, which can get a real reward of $3000.
(2) Receive a stability award (three consecutive months, with a monthly profit of more than 300 points, a monthly order number greater than 10 orders, and a monthly average profit point greater than 10, the order level is at LV3 and LV4) and you can get $10,000 Firm offer. If you do not reach the LV3 level, you will be given a firm offer according to the level of the score, and the LV5 level will receive a US$20,000 solid offer
(3) Those with a level of LV5 or above can directly obtain a firm offer without going through the monthly list or stability award, and end the month with the corresponding level, and issue a new firm the following month
(4) Those who receive LV5 level rewards and earn more than 30% of the original principal can cooperate with IFXDO as a recommended trader on the website.
(5) All players whose website rank is lower than LV1 can not get real account award, including the Stability Award and the top three in the monthly list.

Corresponding grade and actual reward

LV1 500 1000 USD 0.03
LV2 1000 2000 USD 0.08
LV3 2000 3000 USD 0.15
LV4 3500 5000 USD 0.3
LV5 5500 20000 USD 1

Remarks: The number of hands is the maximum number of hands set, and the trader can automatically adjust the number of hands within the range.

Method Of Issuing Award

1) The real account will be bound to the winner's IFX.do account. All transactions must be conducted on the IFX.do. The winner will get the MT4/MT5 investor's password of the real account, which can check the account status in real time.


After receiving the real offer, the player automatically enters the promotion process. When the real offer income reaches 30%, the player is automatically promoted to the next level. Once the real offer is obtained, the promotion standard is 30% of the real offer as the only assessment for subsequent promotion standard.
The real profit will be divided into 30%, and the proportion will be 50% of the profit.


For all players who have received a firm offer, the initial withdrawal of the capital account will be 10%, Zhihui.com will withdraw the account, and the user can re-enter the firm selection process.