Since the official launch in early 2019, IFX.do has been unanimously recognized by the vast number of online traders. The aim of IFX.do is to build the best online trading competitive community and provide a broader career path for online trading enthusiasts and practitioners.In accordance with this purpose, IFX.do has contacted many funds and asset management companies in Singapore, mainland China and Hong Kong, and now we jointly launched the IFX.do Trading Competition –10,000,000 USD REWARD SELECTION PLAN !


Forex | Metal | Oil

Trade Regulation

As the competitive system of ifx.do is an independent development system with built-in risk control indicators, please read the following rules of the arena as well as the description of relevant sections in detail.

1) The maximum stop-loss points should be no more than 100 for each ticket in forex | precious metals |crude oil area. The user can adjust the stop loss within 100 points(the maximum stop-loss for digital currency arena is 10% );
2) In general , only 2 different positions are allowed to open(including pending order and market order). If the user wants more positions, he can use IFXs to buy more strategy card. However, there are only 5 positions allowed to open at the same time for each arena;
3) The same order could only be modified once every one minute(change take-profit/stop-loss and cancel pending orders);
4) The user can set take-profit protection on the condition that the profit pips of certain strategy is more than 10( 1% for digital currency);
5) The user will be banned from trading for 4hours if he loses 200 pips (20% for digital currency)total within 4hours in forex | precious metals| crude oil arena;
6) Only when the profit of all the open orders of a certain variety exceeds 10 points (Crypto currency 1%), can this variety be ordered again. And the time between 2 orders of the same variety must be more than 1 minutes。
7) The user can use Zero clearing card when his performance is not good in certain arena. The number of zero-clearing cards used depends on your score: If the score is greater than -200 ,one card is ok; if between -200 to -300, then 2 cards is needed; and if between -300 to -400 , then 3 cards is needed, and so on, 5 the most. Once the zero card is used, his performance will be restored to the initial registration status. There is no limit of times.


A real account will be awarded if any of the following conditions are met:

(1) Rank among the top three of the monthly list, according to your corresponding grades can be awarded. For example, the first winner of the monthly list is website LV2, which can get a real reward of $2000; the second one of the monthly list is website LV3, which can get a real reward of $3000.
(2) Win the Stability Award, that is, earning more than 300 points for three consecutive months, the total number of orders is more than 30, the success rate is more than 50%, the average profit points are more than 10 pips, then you can get the real award. The amount of the real account also depends on the user's corresponding website level.
(3) All the players who have received the real account award can not get the award again and access into the promotion process automatically after winning the award.
(4) All players whose website rank is lower than LV1 can not get real account award, including the Stability Award and the top three in the monthly list.
(5) All users who reach the L5/L6/L7/L8 level will be awarded the real accounts or the right to operate the fund unconditionally and directly.

Corresponding grade and actual reward

LV1 500 1000 USD 0.03
LV2 1000 2000 USD 0.08
LV3 2000 3000 USD 0.15
LV4 3500 5000 USD 0.3
LV5 5500 20000 USD 1
LV6 8000 100000 USD 3
LV7 11000 1 million USD 15
LV8 14500 10 million USDGet Fund Manager Offer Decide By Group

With the improvement of the player' grade on the website, the efficiency of getting IFXs will also be improved. Please click on the Table of Rank and Mining to get more information.

Method Of Issuing Award

1) The real account will be bound to the winner's IFX.do account. All transactions must be conducted on the IFX.do. The winner will get the MT4/MT5 investor's password of the real account, which can check the account status in real time.
2) The lot management of the real account is set up by IFX.do according to the chart above.


After getting the real account, the player automatically accesses into the promotion process. When the grade is raised, the winner will get a higher level account directly and get 50% of the profit from the previous account.
If the monthly profit exceeds 300 pips, you can choose whether to withdraw the profit and get 50% of the profit as the operating bonus.
When the player reach the eighth level, he/she can directly sign a contract to become the CEO of the fund of a well-known financial company and participate in the management of 10,000,000 USD or more.


For all players who have get the real account, the maximum loss of the total fund account is 10%. Whenever reach this loss amount, IFX.do will take back the real account, and the player could re-enter this real selection plan.

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