ifx.do Trading Competition

ifx.do Global Financial Derivatives Trading Strategy Competition 2021 is hotly launched
Activity time January 1, 2021-December 31, 2021

Winner List

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Entry method

Register on Zhihui.com (www.ifxdo.com) → place an order on the trading competition page. When placing an order, you will participate in the activity by default, and you do not need to register separately. Meet the requirements to get corresponding real rewards.

Trade Regulation

The trading rules are consistent with The Rules of the IFX competitive system .


Necessary condition:

1. The number of orders per month ≥ 10 orders, the average monthly profit points ≥ 10 points, the winning rate ≥ 50%
2. A single-day performance loss is less than 200 points, and a single-month performance loss is less than 500 points (starting from January 1, 2021, both daily and monthly performance losses should be checked.)Please pay attention to the number of stop loss points. Exceeding stop loss points caused by large market fluctuations will also be included in the loss points.

Meet the above conditions can get the corresponding firm offer:
Monthly list
The first place in the monthly list is $5,000 firm offer
The second place in the monthly list with a firm offer of $3,000
The third place in the monthly list is $1,000 firm offer
Stability Award
≥300 points per month for three consecutive months   reward $10,000 for firm offer
≥300 points per month for four consecutive months   Reward 20,000 US dollars for firm offer
≥300 points per month for five consecutive months   Reward 30,000 US dollars for firm offer
Annual list (2021 full year)
First place   $50,000 firm offer
Second place   $30,000 firm offer
Third place   $10,000 firm offer

Promotion rules

1. After obtaining the real offer reward, the player will automatically enter the promotion process. When the real offer income reaches 30%, contact the customer service for promotion and share, and then issue the next level real offer to continue operation.
(After receiving the real reward, the promotion standard is 30% of the real profit, which will be the only assessment standard for subsequent promotion.)
2. Promotion level: USD 1,000 to USD 50,000, with the highest promotion to USD 50,000 capped.
3. The following table shows the order of promotion.

Real offer corresponding table
Real offer LOTS
1000 USD 0.02
3000 USD 0.06
5000 USD 0.1
10000 USD 0.2
20000 USD 0.5
30000 USD 0.7
50000 USD 1

Note: The number of lots is set as the maximum number of lots for a single pen, and the trader can automatically adjust the number of lots within the range.

Share reward

1. If the actual profit reaches 30%, it will be divided into 50% of the profit. (Only 30% of the profit is shared, and the excess part is not calculated.)
2. Website recommendation caller: The stability award and the top three users on the annual list get a firm offer and 30% of the initial profit, which can be set by the website as a recommendation caller, and they can be directly recommended on the homepage.

How to receive real rewards

1. The monthly and annual ranking rewards will be announced directly on the official account (IFXDO) and contact users of the website.
2. The stability award needs to be checked by individuals. After reaching the achievement, send an email to biz@ifxdo.com, and feedback to the user after review by the staff. Stability Award Application Time: Before the 5th of the following month (including the 5th) Example: Achieved in January, February and March, and send an email application before April 5th, more than 5 days will be deemed to have given up the award.
3. The content of the email sent is: Zhihui.com username, registered email address, real name and mobile phone number of Zhihui.com, and send it to biz@ifxdo.com. After the customer service has reviewed it, it will be sent in the form of email according to our activity rules. Disk account.
4. All players who have received real rewards cannot repeat the awards. After winning, they will automatically enter the promotion process. (Monthly ranking, stability award, and annual ranking cannot be repeated) Example: If the requirements of monthly ranking, stability award and annual ranking are reached in December, the highest reward will be issued and cannot be repeated.

The real order issued will be automatically bound to the winner's account on Zhihui.com. Traders need to place orders on Zhihui.com.
In order to prevent traders from placing gambling orders, winners must bind to the personal trading account of the sponsor's platform (account funds ≥ 100 US dollars). If there is no funds in it, the copy will be stopped. Continue to deposit personal trading account real order can continue to operate until the retracement or promotion requirements of the reward real order are reached. (There is no real offer account on the sponsor's platform, which is deemed to automatically give up the reward account)


1. For all players who have obtained a real offer, the fund account will withdraw 10% of the initial principal, and Zhihui.com will withdraw the account, and the user can re-enter the real offer selection process.
2. For all players who have obtained real offers, do not apply for an account on the website sponsor's platform, or the trading account has 0 funds, the issuing of real offers will also stop operation simultaneously.
3. If the actual reward meets the elimination requirements, the elimination month cannot be counted in the next round of the actual reward schedule.
Example: The first in the monthly rankings in January meets the requirements for awards. After the firm offers were issued in February and unfortunately eliminated, no firm offers will be issued in February even if the award requirements are met again. The calculation will restart in March.

The rules of the game may be adjusted according to the progress of the game, and the final interpretation right belongs to Zhihui.com.