Frequently Asked Questions

1、How to start trading?

1.1 How to open position?

Click the buy or sell price in the left page, then there will pop out a window, and then choose the trading type and input the take-profit and stop-loss price(pips) directly( the stop-loss pips should be no more than 100).

1.2 What are the rules of the trading competition?

1) The maximum stop-loss points should be no more than 100 for each ticket in forex | precious metals |crude oil and Indices|Stock area. The user can adjust the stop loss within 100 points(the maximum stop-loss for digital currency arena is 10% );

2) In general , only 2 different positions are allowed to open(including pending order and market order). If the user wants more positions, he can use IFXs to buy more strategy card. However, there are only 5 positions allowed to open at the same time for each arena;

3) The same order could only be modified once every one minute(change take-profit/stop-loss and cancel pending orders);

4) The user can set take-profit protection on the condition that the profit pips of certain strategy is more than 10( 1% for digital currency);

5) The user will be banned from trading for 4hours if he loses 200 pips (20% for digital currency)in a row within 4hours in forex | precious metals| crude oil Indices|Stock area;

6) The user can use Zero clearing card when his performance is not good in certain arena. The number of zero-clearing cards used depends on your score: If the score is greater than -200 ,one card is ok; if between -200 to -300, then 2 cards is needed; and if between -300 to -400 , then 3 cards is needed, and so on, 5 the most. Once the zero card is used, his performance will be restored to the initial registration status. There is no limit of times.

7) Only when the profit of all the open orders of a certain variety exceeds 10 points (Crypto currency 1%), can this variety be ordered again. And the time between 2 orders of the same variety must be more than 1 minutes。

Notice: · Each person competes with only one user name. If a person compete with multiple user names , he will be considered cheating. Our website will report it , delete all his accounts , cancel his rankings and reserve the right to pursue its legal responsibility. Please select to use one user name to compete; 

· The competition system is independently developed by, and please do not compare it with the MT4/MT5; 

· The purpose of trading competition is to select the better strategies, so the rules are set according to the investors’ needs. Please abide by relevant rules and avoid invalid strategy。

1.3 Why is there no concept of “Capital”?

The ranking is based on the pips(percentage) earned , and there is no positions, so there is no concept of “Capital”. This mode design can effectively avoid heavy positions strategy and evaluate the traders’ strategic analysis ability.Meanwhile, allows to add positions for the same product in the premise of profitability, which can evaluate the traders’ level more comprehensively.

1.4 How to bind real account to follow the selected strategy?

Click the button“Trading competition”, and you’ll see a button named “options” at the bottom right of the page, click it , then there will pop out a window, where you choose your broker,enter your MT4 account and trading password as requested. The minimum trading lot means the minimum trading lot your broker allows, and you can set a fixed lot or ratio to follow the strategy. Finally, click the button confirm, your real account has finished binding.

2、Why can’t copy strategy from real account to but can copy strategy from to real account?

Firstly, is not a strategy-tracking community, so please do not compare it with the traditional community.

The main business of is online trading competition, so we do not accept the trading records.

3、How to subscribe and track the strategy?

3.1 How to subscribe?

Click the subscription button, then choose the subscription type, and then submit.

3.2 How to track strategy?

(1)In the ranking list page, click the subscription column to choose your favorite trader.

(2)Click the track button, choose Synchronize strategy to MT4 , the minimum trading lot your broker allows and the tracking way, then save and submit.

(3)Click the real account settings button on the bottom right, then fill in the information needed in the window popped out.

3.3 How to view the trader’s details?

Just click the image of the trader, then his homepage will pop out, and you can check almost everything about him and his trading there.

3.4 How to set the subscription price?

Click the button of my performance, then you will find the button of subscription settings on the homepage.

4、How does make money?

4.1 What is the difference between and other websites?

Firstly, is not a strategy-tracking community, so please do not compare it with the traditional community.The main business of is online trading competition, so we do not accept the trading records.

One-click tracking strategy is only a by-product of the online trading competition system of is a service plate that facilitates the majority of retail investors to follow the real account of the game.In the process of tracking orders, there is no false propaganda and packaging, so appreciation of investor account can be greatly guaranteed.

4.2 What is the profit model of

(1)Advertising revenue and business income。

(2)Subscription fee. We will charge 30% of the subscription fee as the management fee。

(3)Earnings of compound trading signal and Intelligent fund。

4.3 I like the mode of, so can i join it?


5、How does combine with blockchain?

5.1 The application of blockchain technology to

IFX.DO uses blockchain distributed bookkeeping technology to record the competitive operation of all traders to ensure that the performance cannot be tampered with, and to ensure the authenticity and fairness of trading competition.

5.2 The application of blockchain economic mode to

IFX.DO uses Token and adopts digital assets of "be chained" to confirm the right of assets,which truly make it possible everyone can be rewarded as as long as he contributes to

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