If you want passive investment value-added,you can directly subscribe to the preferred high-level trader and bind your real account,
which can truly help you to get profit automatically.

1、Follow the Billboard

If you want to invest forex, please firstly follow the billboard and choose your preferred trader. Since the trading system of with built-in control system is without the concept of position , the performance of every trader is calculated by the profit pips(or percentage). Also, the whole pro
If you want to know the trading style and the detailed trading history of certain trader, just click the image of the trader on the ranking list.

——— Notice ———

Please do note the average win is also an important reference indicator except the total win.

2、Subscription Rules

When you select out the trader, just click the button subscription ,also, you can choose whether to bind the real account.
If you want to bind the real account, just fill in the window pop out.


Generally, the position should not be heavier than 0.05 lots for every $1,000 account.
Besides, you can choose to follow 2-3 traders , which can effectively offset the fluctuations caused by certain trader’s poor state so as to achieve a stable profit !

3、Obtain IFXs

Subscription requires IFXs, and there are 4 ways to obtain IFXs

1)The user participates in trading competition and will get corresponding IFXs when he closes profitable positions according to his grade in his arena.

2)Invite friends to register in, and you can get 6-20% IFXs when your invited friends consume on


3)Finish the tasks of the mission center

4) Buy IFXs via The transaction supports union pay and alipay, which is simple and quickly.