Professional traders recruitment

In order to make the overall level more stable and more responsible to the users of, we are currently recruiting professional traders from public through nodes.

1、Professional Trader Recruitment

(1)Candidates must register their account through nodes.
(2)Candidates must use the trading system to trade. The time limit is 1-3 months.
(3) will select 10-15 traders from candidates.
(4)It is valid until 30 June 2020.

2、The Regulation

(1)This recruitment is just to the traders of forex | Metal | Oil.

(2) Candidates should apply for this recruitment first, When the results of three consecutive months meet the following criteria, candidates can contact the website customer service for manual review.
* In the three consecutive months, the monthly average amount of candidate's trading on system should be more than 30, the success rate should be more than 50%, the average monthly score should be more than 300 pips, and the average trade score should be more than 10 pips. Meanwhile, during this period, there should be no loss in any month.
* At least has one variety specialized in, the amount of this variety must be more than 15, and score of this variety must be more than 150 pips in each month.
(3)During the validity period, candidates who meet the above criteria within three consecutive months can notify the customer service for manual audit.

(4)If the candidates meet the above criteria, we will review the transaction style by hand. Once the candidate is passed, our customer service will contact the candidate for telephone interview, and the offer can be sent after the interview.


(1)Before getting the offer, all the benefits of the candidate's on, including but not limited to mining benefits and subscribed benefits, belong to the candidate and can be cashed at any time on the Coineal Exchange.
(2)The award of "tens of millions of dollars real offer activity" can still be awarded to the professional traders and candidates, which does not conflict with the selection of professional traders.
(3)Once the candidate passed the examination and get the offer, then can get a bonus of RMB 435 USD per month after completing the task of 15 orders and 300 profit pips per month. In addition, the professional trader could get bonus of 139 USD for every extra 300 pips and at most 1399 USD per month.
(4)We will vigorously publicize the professional traders, provide priority to opening columns for them on and other media. And further more, we will select them to participate in major media award volleyball to increase exposure and visibility.


(1)Once you become a professional trader, you need to call out 15 orders per month (including at least 15 openings and 15 closings). The monthly earnings exceed 300 pips and reach the other standard. You can get your pay in full. If you fail to meet the standard in certain month, but call out more than 15 times and earn more than 100 pips, the monthly bonus will be 139 USD. If the monthly profit is below 0,no bonus will be issued, but you could remain your qualification. The qualification will be cancelled if the accumulated your score below 0 was more than 2 months within 12 months.
(2)If a variety loses more than 600 pips, or if a monthly loss is more than 1000 pips, the has the right to cancel the qualification of the professional trader.
(3)During the signing period, no subscription commission can be get by the professional trader, but the corresponding mining revenue can be obtained.


(1)If the professional trader loses a total of two months (less than 1000 points) in 12 months, has the right to cancel its professional trader qualification.
(2)If professional trader loses more than 600 pips in a row, or loss more than 1000 pips in a month, the has the right to cancel the contract qualification of the professional trader.
(3)Traders have the right to terminate the contract with If you want to terminate the contract, you should notify of the termination by e-mailfrom 1 to 26 per month, and it will take effect in the next natural month.
(4)After the termination, the column of of traders will still be retained. but the column on other media will be determined according to the operation arrangements of other media.
(5)The subscription fee will be received after the professional trader contract is terminated.

The final explanation right of this activity is reserved by, if you have any questions, please don't be hesitate to ask us. Our e-mail is

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