Firstly, thank you for your attention on, where offers you a fair competitive platform to promote yourself and your performance is your best business card.

As the competitive system of is an independent development system with built-in risk control indicators, please read the following rules of the arena as well as the description of relevant sections in detail.

1.Competitive Trading Rules

The maximum stop-loss points should be no more than 100 for each ticket in forex | precious metals |crude oil area. The user can adjust the stop loss within 100 points(the maximum stop-loss for digital currency arena is 10% ).
In general , only 2 different positions are allowed to open(including pending order and market order). If the user wants more positions, he can use IFXs to buy more strategy card. However, there are only 3 positions allowed to open at the same time for each arena.
The same order could only be modified once every one minute(change take-profit/stop-loss and cancel pending orders).
The user can set take-profit protection on the condition that the profit pips of certain strategy is more than 10( 1% for digital currency).
The user will be banned from trading for 4hours if he loses 200 pips (20% for digital currency)total within 4hours in forex | precious metals| crude oil arena. 
Only when the profit of all the open orders of a certain variety exceeds 30 points (Crypto currency 1%), can this variety be ordered again. And the time between 2 orders of the same variety must be more than 1 minutes.
The user can use Zero clearing card when his performance is not good in certain arena. The number of zero-clearing cards used depends on your score: If the score is greater than -200 ,one card is ok; if between -200 to -300, then 2 cards is needed; and if between -300 to -400 , then 3 cards is needed, and so on, 5 the most. Once the zero card is used, his performance will be restored to the initial registration status. There is no limit of times.

--- Notice ---

The trading competition of our website is limited to one user name per person. Once it is found that someone USES multiple accounts to participate, he will be considered cheating. He will be reported via system announcement and canceled all his accounts and ranking. We will reserve the right to pursue his relevant legal responsibilities. Please use one account to post your strategy.

The competitive system of is an independent development sharing strategy system, and please do not compare with trading software.

The purpose of trading competition on is to select better strategies, and the corresponding rules are set up according to the needs of investors. Please abide by the relevant rules to avoid invalid operation.

2.Bind Real Account

Every user can bind his own and subscribed trading strategy to his real account. Currently, can bind real account of more than 2200 brokers globally.

The built-in risk control system is also a powerful tool to ensure the trader to follow our trading rulesr

3.Subscription Rules

Every user can be subscribed by others

he user can set his subscription fee by clicking the button “subscription setting” below the image on the page of my performance. The minimum subscription fee is 1000 IFXs per month, and the annual cost is calculated automatically as per monthly fee*10.

As for the subscription fee, 70% will be given to the trading competitor while 30% will be charged by


According to the traders’ performance, there will be overall ranking and monthly ranking , so the top competitors of the rankings are more likely to be noticed and subscribed