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I am intelligent investor

There are too few investment channels in China. P2P is unreliable, while the interest of the bank and Alipay is too low, so I think is quite suitbale for people like me who could take some risk but wants a higher return. I subscribed three good professional traders and bound my real account with the amount of $1,000, and I have earned about 8% for a month , so I plan to keep subscribing.
From Shenzhen, Guangdong

I am star trader

I have been trading for more than 10 years . I personally think my trading level is not bad,but I have difficulties to find big fund to trade due to my narrow social relationships. Because of my high ranking at, I have stable subscribers and income. IFX.DO provides a good chance for traders.
From Guangzhou, Guangdong


My primary job is IT and I am quite familiar with blockchain. I have lost a lot of money when the token circle is in a bear market, so my pursuit is to mine instead of trading token, as well, it should be mining without any input costs. Currently, there are quite few blockchain projects supported by landing projects, and I think the mode of is good and I am optimistic about it in the long run.
From Beijing

Over 100+ sub-nodes
With a large number of users

We've helped thousands of customers win millions of dollars.

Numberous traders

We have numberous traders from all over the world competing on this website, so we could supply the best strategies to investors.


Every user could use his/her real account to follow the professional's strategy by one click without worries due to the strict risk control rules set in the system.


Participation is mining

IFXs will be rewarded as long as your trading gets profit after your transaction is closed (beyond level 0).

Application of Blockchain

The full information of every separate order will be uploaded on blockchain, which can guarantee the authenticity and fairness of the trading competition.

Even more great feautres

What makes us different from others?


Strict Risk Control Rules

By embedding the most strict risk control rules into the web system, the operations of heavy position and orders without SL/TP could be avoided.

Start Now!

Various Props

We've designed a series of props that make the process of mining interesting. You can get returns while trading. Just join us and start your mining journey!


Our workflow

Our development history and recent work plan.

Launch event is held successfully in Beijing !

The official launch event of is held at The Water Cube in Beijing today. Thank all friends for coming and we will bring better for all users !

More info 2018
Dec 22


Today we have some goodnews to tell all our users. Mr. Greg Jensen, the co-chief executive and co-chief investment officer of Bridgewaters has communicated with us and is quite interested in our project. A close cooperation between us could be expected.

JUL 17

Chart Upgrade

We've replaced the Candlestick chart into the trdingview, which helps all traders to do quotations analysis more easily on

APR 02

Our partner

Here to express our sincere thanks to our partners.

What our partners say

It is a great honor for us to have the approvals from many friends in this industry.

"Ifx. do is a great innovation in this industry, combining the traditional online trading industry with blockchain."
Andrew Williams
MD, Commerzbank from London
"I think may bring revolution to the entire trading industry, just like James Watt invented the steam engine."
Steven L. Levitt
Professor, University of Leeds
"It's the most interesting trading game I've ever seen! And the most important thing is you can get rewarding benefits in this game in advance! Have you seen such good things ever before? "
Jenny Shimizu
Sales ED, Interactive Brokers
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